New Venue – Throwback Bar and Grill

GREETINGS ROCK FANS! Your favorite band is jamming out in a new venue! Throwback Bar and Grill in Crete, IL is hosting 6ix 5ive 9ine for a night of kick ass rock and roll on Saturday May 21st, 2022. Show starts at 8pm

Come on out to Crete and help us blow the roof out! The address is 25940 South Dixie Highway, Crete IL. It’s just north of Balmoral Race. See you there, and ROCK ON!

Back in Business!

First Gig of 2021 @ Knuckleheads in Michigan City on May 8th

Ladies and Gentlemen, the hiatus is over. Beginning May 8th, 6ix 5ive 9ine is back in business, and playing out! Two shows for ’21 have been added to the calendar. May 8th at Knuckleheads in Michigan City and September 18th in Lowell for the Lowell Fire Department’s annual Fall Flannel Fest! I have a sneaky suspicion that we may see a Bearski’s and a Johnny’s gig show up on that list before too long.

You may not have seen us out in the bar scene, rockin’ the house down for quite some time, but don’t think we’ve been sitting idle during our break. Nope, we’ve been working on a ton of new material to mix in the set list. So come out to Michigan City in May, and check out all the new tunes we’ve been learning. Come out to Freedom Park in Lowell this September and rock out with us while supporting the Lowell Fire Department. Keep an eye on our upcoming events page, and we’ll see you soon!

Don’t Eat Bats

As Ozzy Osbourne pointed out to us long ago, biting bats = bad news.

Once again, that equation holds true. Someone licked an airborne rodent, and now we have bad news. That bad news is that our April shows have been cancelled. Our next show on the books is June 6th at Johnny’s Tap in Munster. We sure as hell hope things will be back to normal by then and we’ll all be ready to shake the walls down with some high energy rock!

See you soon, stay safe, and don’t eat bats.

New Venue – Johnny’s Tap in Munster

This just in! 6ix 5ive 9ine just picked up 2 gigs at a new location!
Say hello to Johnny’s Tap in Munster, IN! Located just north of Community Hospital on Calumet Ave. We’re playing there on Saturday October 27th and Saturday December 8th, both from 8pm to 11pm.

What’s that? You can’t wait that long to come rock out with you’re favorite band? Good news! We’re playing Knuckleheads in Michigan City on Saturday August 25th from 9pm to 1am. We have a whole slew of new tunes we’ve been cooking up and we’re going to unleash them on the world at Knuckleheads! Come on down, party, drink, dance and rock out with 6ix 5ive 9ine! See you there!

Remember Remember the Twelfth of November

2016-11-12-knuckleheads-700x453What’s up rockers! Knuckleheads in Michigan City, Indiana is the place to be on Saturday November 12th! 6ix 5ive 9ine will be serving up a kick ass night of classic rock and 90’s alternative. We kick things off at 9 pm with a host of new tunes you haven’t heard us play yet and an onslaught of your favorites to keep things rockin’ into the wee hours. This place is one Hell of a good time. If you’ve been, you already know. If you haven’t been, November 12th is the night to change that! Rock on and see you there!

Cedar Lake’s Finest

2016-04-16 - 659 - HunleysThank you everyone for helping us rock the hell out of Cedar Lake! We had a kick ass time and by the looks of things, so did you!

And true to our name, 6ix 5ive 9ine earned a visit from our favorite, uniformed fans at the end of the evening!

We hope you’ll join us for our next show in May. We’re playing the block party at Route 2 Brews on Saturday, May 21st from 5pm to 7pm. Come by early, ’cause there’ll be a couple other bands and lots of great beer! As always, the more you drink, the better we sound!

And for you rock fans to the East, we’re coming out to your neighborhood to play Knuckleheads on Saturday July 9th.

As usual, you can always check the schedule on our Upcoming Events page to see what’s up next.

See you all at the rock show!
Rock on!

Two Weeks ’till Hunley’s

hunleys flyer 4-16-16-page001Hunley’s Bar and Grill in Cedar Lake is the place to be on Saturday, April 16th! Your favorite band 6ix 5ive 9ine rocks the bar tops starting at 9pm. We’ll be crankin’ out kick-ass covers ’till Sunday morning, and tossing back a few (or more) drinks with all of you! This gig’s always a ton of fun, and we look forward to seeing everyone there!

Rock on!

Hunley’s on the Horizon

Greetings rockers! Thanks to all who came out to the Kelly Walker benefit in La Porte this past Saturday. Great turnout, great crowd, great music!

Hunley's 2014-01-25Next on the horizon is a return to a hometown favorite locale, Hunley’s Bar and Grill in Cedar Lake! We’ll be rockin’ the rafters at Hunley’s on Saturday April 16th starting at 9 pm. Come rock out and toss back a few drinks with your favorite 4 piece rock band!

Rock on!

Start Out Rockin’ 2016 with 659 at Knuckleheads!

2016-01-22 - Knuckleheads - 700x453We’re starting off our 2016 show schedule with a night of kick-ass rockin’ at Knuckleheads in Michigan city!

Think you have what it takes to rock out and party hard with us? Come out and prove it on Friday January 22nd! Amps switch on at 9pm.

… and we promise this one will go on as scheduled!

Sign up for news and reminders via our Facebook Event page.

KnuckleHeads Sports Bar and Grill
204 W Barker Ave, Michigan City, IN


canceled-showWhat’s up rockers! Due to a clerical error, we will NOT be playing Knuckleheads on November 13th. Instead, you can catch us there on Friday, January 22nd.

I know there were a lot of people planning on heading out to Michigan City to catch this show, and we sincerely apologize for the mix-up. We hope you’ll be able to make it out to party with us in January instead.

On a completely useless and unrelated note, the word canceled starts to look really weird after you’ve spent a few minutes researching whether it should contain one ‘L’ or two. As it turns out, the correct spelling depends on what country you’re in (except the word cancellation always has 2 L’s), and both variations are acceptable in the United States. However, that does not make the word look any less ridiculous after you’ve seen it spelled out a few dozen times.