Congrats to Tim and Jessica!

2014-10-24 Tim and Jess Shackled
Congrats to our newlyweds Tim and Jessica for tying the knot and then rockin’ the house!

We had a blast performing for the Ladies Rock Night on Friday at Buddy n Pal’s in Schererville. Thanks Starr and Lou for organizing such a cool event for such a great cause, and thanks to everyone who came out early to share in the pre-game wedding ceremony.

Two years ago, the band 6ix 5ive 9ine didn’t have a vocalist. We didn’t even have the name 6ix 5ive 9ine. We had 3 friends who had been jamming in a garage for a very long time, and we were in need of some catalyst to launch us forward into success.

Two years ago, Dave called Tim on the way to practice and said “I’m bringing new equipment to practice tonight.” as he so frequently did. (When you’re a musician, there can never be enough guitars / amplifiers / microphones / pedals / etc…) Little did Tim know that when the garage door rolled up, and the new equipment that Dave had mentioned turned out to be an extraordinarily talented vocalist named Jessica, that he was actually staring (jaw agape) at his future wife.

Fast forward 2 years: 6ix 5ive 9ine has not only found the catalyst that it took to bring us out of the garage and onto the stage at venues all around the region, but Tim and Jessica have found so much more than that in each other!

So congratulations to Tim and Jess! We all wish you two a lifetime of happiness! And to all you out there in rock ‘n roll land: Come out and see the newlyweds kick some ass Live at Knuckleheads in Michigan City on November 28th. (That’s Black Friday for the calendar challenged.) See you there and ROCK ON!

2014-10-24 6ix 5ive 9ine at Buddy n Pals

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